the AoS gag reel my precious babies so cute


Comic Con panel 2014

  • The Ark did not know about Mount Weather
  • Lindsey Morgan&Ricky Whittle will be a series regulars in season 2
  • Jason Rothenberg won’t adress the fate of any survivors, he wants fans to find out as it happens.
  • There’s more “casual survivor sex”…

Eliza Taylor and the rest of ‘The 100’ cast in Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Social Photobooth

I’m so happy and proud! Team England leads the medal table with 17 medals (6 Gold, 7 Silver and 4 Bronze). Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have also picked up medals so it’s been a great games for the home nations after only one day.

It’s my birthday in exactly one week

hellamybellamy said: i feel really silly for not reading your about me before this… i so often look at people’s icons and imagine them as that? but alas, you are not gunnar scott with scarlett o’connor on his back.

alas, I am not.

Although that would be kinda cool

remembering it fondly… 💭🌅 #Dubai #sunset #landscape #throwback

remembering it fondly… 💭🌅 #Dubai #sunset #landscape #throwback

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